The Princess - Custom Pet Portrait

A Pet Portrait Unlike Any Other!
Let Us Transform Your Beloved Pet Into a Renaissance Masterpiece That You’ll Simply Love!
You simply love and adore your pet. So, why not share your love and appreciation in a very unique and bold new way that’s not only lighthearted with a good sense of humor but is also something you can proudly display that’ll give you amazing memories of your pet forever?
Here at The Drowsy Chaperone, we create Renaissance masterpiece paintings that are printed to the highest quality and hand-crafted with sturdy hardwood frames based entirely around YOUR pet. And we’re doing it in an exciting and colorful new way that’s sure to make a lasting impression unlike any other.
Our expert team of highly skilled and talented artists will custom create a painting that’s not only life-like and full of rich and beautiful imagery (to look just like your own pet!) but we’ll do it in a stunning Renaissance style that will be sure to please any pet lover or fanatic.
- Inks of the highest quality, no fading. Your painting will last forever.
- Standard "1.5 wooden frame.
- Hooks are attached for easy hanging
One Photo Upload and We’ll do the rest!
All you need to do is upload a favorite photo of your pet, and we’ll get to work right away! Once you place your order, you can expect a custom pet portrait that is made with love, care, and attention that captures your pet's unique personality and is ready to show off from the moment it arrives at your door.
Here’s all you need to do right now to get started:
Step #1: Choose from our wide variety of unique portrait types
Step #2: Upload your image and choose the canvas size
Step #3: Place your order
That's it!
Don’t Forget! Our exclusive pet portraits are also a great gift you can give to a friend, family member or fellow pet lover! We can promise you it’ll be a thoughtful, personal gift they’ll never forget.